We have field experience and know our clients’ constraints — this makes us flexible, rigorous and practical all at the same time. All our projects and their implementation are based on 5 golden rules:

iconographie Innovation never stops

Innovation never stops

Our clients are no guinea pigs: We never propose unknown or improvised solutions. On the other hand, our clients don’t inherit cookie-cutter clones of existing projects: We always offer the benefit of our newest developments and latest innovations — always adapted to our clients’ specific needs.

iconographie You can’t run a training project without educational skills

You can’t run a training project without educational skills

All of our project managers are in charge of the educational design of the projects entrusted to them. With their solid experience, they can transform operational issues and needs into training solutions. A direct relationship, short decision times and agile management of resources and deliverables are their ace in the hole when it comes to successful projects.

iconographie We don’t outsource

We don’t outsource

We’re not condescending or fanatical — just practical. We keep our production in house to ensure full consistency, to manage every detail of the solutions we produce, and so that we can act flexibly and in real time during each moment of the project.

iconographie “Digital” means more than technical testing

“Digital” means more than technical testing

Obviously, it’s essential for our projects to work in our client’s technical environment, and to be installed trouble-free on any learning management system. But we don’t limit testing to that dimension. The completion phase of each of our projects includes proofreading and a technical review, as well as testing under real conditions to validate the graphics and ergonomics.

iconographie Don’t put the project to bed after delivery

Don’t put the project to bed after delivery

Support, communication, skill transfer, training, evaluation... A training project’s success depends as much on its support services as on the quality of its content. All of our projects are designed to be enhanced by outstanding value-added services. We boost our clients’ independence and autonomy by giving them the right tools and methods to make the most of the digital projects we design for them.

With Knowledge-Players, there are no 50-step processes, stacks of 25 deliverables, and no casts of 74 actors. And we don’t peddle myths about e-learning!