HR Academy

A real on-line digital university, dedicated to HR skills.

The heart of the project

  • A harmonizing tool of HR processes within the various Saint-Gobain entities
  • A space for sharing knowledge with new HR comers, and a structuring benchmark of consistent practices
  • A whole “toolbox” available for auto-training purpose

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

Saint-Gobain has implemented a matrix organization structured around Divisions, Business Units and Zones. This organization helps them to deal with many marketplaces and specific issues. However it ensues a fragmented culture, which requires a high adaptability from the HR function, together with a good knowledge of the firm’s practices, and the ability to implement HR actions.

So, the challenges of the HR Academy are numerous: - 15 HR themes to approach - A wide variety of people concerned by the project - A framework of HR practices covering complex and diverse realities.

Our response in brief

  • The conception and development of this device are custom-made, perfectly adapted to the objectives and adjusted to the importance of the theme approached.
  • Several training ‘micro-actions’ involving realistic scenario simulations, together with synthetic and comprehensive formats.
  • We alternate the pace of the training, the formats, and the cognitive solicitations, similar to a Web universe.

Why we’re right for this project

  • High knowledge of issues MOOC alike (pitfalls and qualities)
  • Our graphic and ergonomic expertise, which gives us the ability to alternate holistically amongst the different types of training methods.
  • A long-term thinking about the winning alliance between custom-made and templates.