A training module with a strong narrative dimension that breaks the monotony of traditional instructional software — one that’s more effective at supporting change in practices.

The heart of the project

  • A sound-enhanced module that alternates dialogues, instructional activities and courseware
  • A positive narrative context to overcome apprehensions toward the new tool
  • An effective, original e-learning tool perfectly integrated with the change support system

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

When preparing to deploy a new banking IT system, Natixis Financement’s commercial department wanted to train all its network’s advisors and managers to use this new tool.

As part of its policy for supporting change in IT, Natixis Financement asked Knowledge-Players to design a clear, engaging training module that employees and managers would take to easily.

Our response in brief

  • An approach that departs from traditional e-learning, which too often consists of video tutorials or ineffective screencam footage
  • A narrative framework showing the new tool’s functionalities across a range of realistic job situations, integrated with an in-house context marked by movement and transformation
  • An adaptation of our Professional Hero solution alternating learning with interactive sequences to support changes in practices, developing face-to-face approaches to customers and adapting internal processes

Why we’re right for this project

  • We have firm knowledge of the challenges, participants and processes in the banking and insurance industry.
  • We can design an original, realistic scenario that projects the leaner into a successful project situation.
  • Our extensive library of varied instructional activities breaks the monotony of traditional courseware.
  • We are experienced at guiding strategic projects and can work with multiple contacts (distribution, information systems, compliance and training).