Looking for the AMSP file

An e-learning module dedicated to the various players in projects, to raise awareness about the challenges of configuration management.

The heart of the project

  • An online training module to introduce the challenges and specificities of professionals market to Groupama specialized advisors
  • A visual universe and an emblematic characters gallery to take the advisors on a real “professional quest”
  • An e-learning content edition solution, drifted from this project, enables Groupama designers to create their own modules

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

For Groupama, professional clients market is a strategic sector. Amongst the principal missions Groupama advisors have to deal with: giving efficient responses to insurance needs and benefit plans, adopt a consulting approach with AMSP clients (Artisans, Merchants, Service Professions)… Therefore, advisors need to have a keen market understanding of their daily life. In order to enhance the integration path of its new “Pros” advisors, Groupama asked Knowledge Players to produce an e-learning solution introducing:

  • The different profiles of professional clients and their main features.

  • Groupama offers dedicated to professionals.

  • Groupama’s sale process adjusted to professional clients.

Our response in brief

  • With intent to concretely put client’s specific needs and characteristics into perspective, we staged the main steps in the life of professional clients.
  • Training Quest was used to connect inductive pedagogy, situations analysis and know-how implementation.
  • The visual environment was attractive while remaining close to Groupama’s values; it fostered the user’s engagement towards the training.

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our storytelling expertise inspired us a committing narrative spine based on various situations introducing the principal clients profiles.
  • To best memorize and acquire knowledge, we activated several levers (Discovery, Analysis, Resolution, Synthesis) thanks to our library of pedagogical activities.
  • Our innovation ability was the basis of the development of a tailored e-learning content edition solution, which gave Groupama editors full-autonomy in the production of their own modules.