Operation S2

An interactive novel to raise employee awareness of the strategic, organizational and operational challenges of the European Solvency II directive.

The heart of the project

  • A fun, enthusiastic approach
  • A process for popularization and support
  • An interactive graphic novel

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

BNP Paribas Cardif asked Knowledge-Players to create an e-learning system on the Solvency II fund allocation reform. This regulatory reform by the European Union requires that all insurance companies provide training.

This project’s goals were:

  • Raise awareness of the challenges of the European Solvency II directive among all employees in the company
  • Explain risk prevention mechanisms and their implementation at BNP Paribas Cardif
  • Integrate the reform’s changes and impacts on work and organization at BNP Paribas Cardif

For a subject of this type, it was essential to find the right approach for highlighting the contributions of the departments supporting the project internally, and to give distance learning a positive, dynamic image.

Our response in brief

  • A playful, enthusiastic approach to a dry, complex subject
  • A real process of popularization and support to make the challenges understandable to everyone
  • An interactive graphic novel approach that breaks away from ordinary distance learning methods

Why we’re right for this project

  • We can engineer educational solutions on very complex subjects without bringing in business experts.
  • Our mastery of storytelling allows lively, progressive acquisition of the training’s key messages.
  • We can provide high-quality illustrations integrated into an interactive approach to the educational purpose (a story to demystify Solvency II).