Saving Label

A professionalizing program dedicated to endorse and reinforce the advisors’ Saving competencies, designed to provide a better answer to the clients needs, and to improve the sales team’s performance.

The heart of the project

  • The blended device is comprehensive, widely equipped and very structured. It is held by 4 main themes: Evaluation, Training, Managerial Leadership and Commercial Performance Monitoring
  • A set of tools and supports facilitates the tailoring of the program and its deployment by regional antennas
  • A highly advanced pedagogical architecture provides the means to produce rapidly enough an entire array of pedagogical “baggage” both live and online, which covers all of the needs in skills development


  • Implementation of an “Editorial Board” with its editor in chief, contributors and proofreaders, thus we could guarantee a wide diversity of tones and approaches while keeping a sound consistency
  • Ability to produce pedagogical content “in volume”


  • Stylish and engaging design
  • Identification of the carrying value of the project
  • Respect of the visual identity and ergonomic of the brand


  • Modularity of the supports
  • Total edibility of all contents
  • Contents 100% compatible with SCORM standard

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

For Groupama and its regional antennas, the promotion and development of the Saving offer - in both banking products and life insurance, represents a triple challenge:

  • Regulatory: in order to answer efficiently to regulatory authorities expectations.

  • Client: to fulfill the expectations ever sharper and more numerous of individual and professional clients.

  • Commercial: to answer to collection target and strengthen the sales force to better face competition and get ready for the future. Within this context, Groupama solicited from Knowledge Players the production of a whole evaluation, training and managerial support program, which had to adapt to the needs, the expectations and requirements of each regional antenna, and furthermore, of each sales advisor.

Our response in details

Under the aegis of Groupama’s training teams, we solicited all know-hows and expert sights from Knowledge Players to produce this program. It had to be, all at the same time:

  • Structured: to facilitate pedagogical engineering and the creation of a whole range of training products dedicated to the saving field, and consistent in the pedagogical approach as in the preview.

  • Equipped: to facilitate creation, deployment and the training path facilitation, tailored to the evaluation results.

  • Flexible: to facilitate the handiness and therefore, the adaptation of each regional antenna, but also the extension of the device towards every certification levels of the Label program.

Thus, throughout the project, we have imagined, conceived and produced:

  • The different advisor profiles and their segmentation, according to the evaluated competencies thresholds.

  • The communication and presentation mediums related to the Label program.

  • The live and distance pedagogical formats that were used to produce the entire training “baggage”.

Therefore, in less than six months, we produced:

  • 17 e-learning modules, based on 3 Knowledge-Players formats (Training Quest, Quiz Learning, and Flash Learning)

  • 1 live training workshop format based around a virtual board game (Quiz Challenge)

  • 4 live training workshops

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our engineering expertise in blended trainings allowed us to identify the good links between the contents, the chaining of the training steps and the correct use of the various pedagogical formats we have at our disposal.
  • Thanks to our listening and analysing abilities, we identified the real needs of the client and we built a solution that matches perfectly Groupama’s culture, through both its architecture and its contents.
  • Our organization, all at one flexible, proactive and rigorous, gave us the opportunity to deal with the evolutions and the fluctuations of the project while keeping our delivery commitment. Therefore, our team has been able to produce from 2 to 4 complete modules every two weeks.
  • Our technical platform got us to use pedagogical components which are simultaneously robust, proven and very easily editable by the client.
  • Our pedagogical content edition solution enables the client to intervene directly in the review and finalization process of online “baggage”. The client is totally autonomous when updating and monitoring the evolution of contents.

Paroles de client

"Knowledge Players has been able to demonstrate 4 main qualities in this project: cleverness in the understanding of our needs, efficiency in the quality of deliverables, reactivity when the planning keeps shortening, and sympathy – which is always an asset!”

— Jean-Michel Berthuy, Sales Training Project Manager

Groupama SA