An expert for IT-CE

A funny, educational, powerful film to show the benefits and key points of the skills approach adopted by IT-CE (the Caisse d’Épargne savings and loan’s IT group).

L'essentiel du projet

  • An animated film that’s modern in form and content
  • The best instruction and narration applied to a communication project
  • A clear, forceful message to motivate all managers in a strategic project


  • Communication

The project’s challenges

For software and computer services companies, employees’ technical skills are crucial strategic advantages. To add value, and to develop and share skills within the group, IT-CE promoted an expertise approach aimed at surveying, supporting and improving all experts in fields strategic to their business.

This approach led to a number of organizational, managerial and professional changes and required needed everyone’s commitment in order to succeed. It was therefore essential to explain the approach and make a case for its acceptance.

We met this crucial challenge by designing and creating an animated educational film distributed to all IT-CE managers.

Our response in brief

  • An offbeat 5-minute film featuring mischievous characters and spirited voiceover
  • A sequence of instructional scenes to explain IT-CE’s practical view of expertise and the depth of its vision

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our creativity was put to work for the client in imagining offbeat stories with an educational purpose.
  • Our instructional skills allowed us to explain a complex approach in a clear, precise manner.
  • Our organization’s agility let us propose very high-quality solutions within strict constraints and stay as close to the client as possible.