The first skills and knowledge evaluation solution that is 100% automated and 100% accessible online.

The heart of the solution

  • A double evaluation: professional skills and knowledge
  • Evaluation that can be expanded thanks to third-party evaluators
  • A skills model easily adaptable to any client’s specific needs

### Expérience

Why a solution like this?

For our clients, evaluation of job skills is a core issue that is often not resolved. How can professional practices be evaluated effectively? How can evaluation be tied to development needs? How can one easily identify strengths and areas for improvement?

Our GetYourPic solution provides relevant, innovative, accessible solutions to many such questions for the greatest number of clients.

The solution’s key points

  • Available in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode to make deployment easier
  • An “à la carte” evaluation model: professional skills, leadership guidelines, technical knowledge, self-evaluation, 180° or 360° evaluation
  • Personalized feedback for creating learner profiles that highlight strengths and areas for improvement and can be linked to development priorities.

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our ability to innovate allows us to design a fully managed, self-evaluating solution that can be used on all the most popular devices (PC/Mac, tablets,smartphones and more).
  • Backing from our co-creator Korda & Partners lets us define an evaluation model that yields high-quality results.
  • Our user-oriented design provides an elegant, intuitive, highly predictable interface.