Quiz Challenge

A multi-player digital board game for having fun while developing professional reflexes

The heart of the project

  • The virtual board game, similar to Trivial Pursuit, can be used on or off site, alone or with other players.
  • The solution can be fully edited, both in form and content.
  • The educational approach is fun and uses the benefits of competition among users and the socio-constructivist approach.
  • The solution is compatible with all distribution environments: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

### Expérience

Why a solution like this?

For our clients, arranging and revitalizing in-class training is a prospect that is both exciting and essential.

Furthermore, game learning is unquestionably effective. Plus, social interaction during training develops collective intelligence and speeds acquisition and implementation of new skills.

Our Quiz Challenge solution promotes involvement, play and social interaction in an engaging way to instill knowledge for the long term.

The solution’s key points

  • A virtual board game, similar to Trivial Pursuit that can be used independently in a number of situations: individually (at a workstation), face to face (among employees or with a manager), in the classroom (as part of a team meeting or on-site training)
  • Gameplay based collectively handling randomly arising situations
  • Questions organized by topic that can be illustrated with an educational commentary and enriched with additional content or explanations (memo files, method files, process files, etc.)
  • A question database centralized in a single file that makes it easy to add, edit or delete questions or topics
  • A complete editing solution for setting parameters updating and developing the solution’s content (question base) and methods of implementation

Why we’re right for developing this solution

  • Our approach to innovation lets us develop a flexible solution adaptable to any distribution context.
  • With our Game Design skills, we have designed a game that’s easy to control, is tailored to the client’s situation and is as engaging individually as with a team.
  • Thanks to our design prowess, we’ve created an elegant, intuitive ergonomic interface drawn directly from the world of board games.