My Graduate Diary

Innovative training support integrated into touchscreen tablets marketed by the distributor, for enriched integration of high-potential managers.

The heart of the project

  • A touchscreen tablet training app
  • A digital log book
  • An innovative solution to extend training of high-potential staff

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

Recruitment, integration, training and support of high-potential managers placed in strategic positions within the group are strategic priorities for Carrefour human resources.

The integration process is crucially important to the bond of trust that ties future managers to the company.

To reinforce this integration process and the company’s modern, innovative image, and to develop a closer relationship with the brand, Carrefour called on Knowledge-Players to help develop a trailblazing training solution.

This is how My Graduate Diary was born. It is the first “enhanced training” medium available on touchscreen tablets marketed by the distributor.

With My Graduate Diary, future managers have an application that “lives” at the pace of their progress, bringing them explanations, testimonials and inspiring information on topics treated in the group session. The ability to enter, save and personalize makes My Graduate Diary a true educational log book!

Our response in brief

  • An application designed and developed to be used efficiently on touchscreen tablets marketed by the distributor
  • A configurable training application that progresses like a tear-off calendar along with the training
  • A next-generation version of the perpetual guide for participants, including functions such as indexing, search and entry, which make life easier for new staff

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our technological expertise lets us develop and optimize an application for a medium more restrictive than upscale tablets.
  • Our ability to innovate enables us to reinvent an educational tool without interfering with the existing training system.
  • We can frame and model information to make best use of available resources (content, videos, testimonials, etc.) while adding maximum educational value.