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A Serious Game integrated with a blended process based on realistic work situations for sensitizing employees to CSR challenges.

The heart of the project

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

Both internal to the Concorde Hotels & Resorts group and inter-professional through the involvement of FAFIH (a national hotel industry training fund), this project aimed to:

  • Present work situations relevant to CSR analysis and intervention
  • Encourage responsibility in the learners by giving them the means for everyday action at their level
  • Enhance acquisition and retention of best practices in the workplace and develop CSR for the hospitality professions.

Our response in brief

  • A mixed training system (classroom and independent) based on 30 concrete, realistic case studies
  • An educational, motivational Serious Game that covers all job situations encountered in a hotel or restaurant
  • Practical, usable content tailored to the goal
  • An inductive learning approach that encourages responsibility, based on situation analysis and decision-making

This project was awarded high honours by the jury at the E-Learning Excellence Awards 2011.

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our creativity and editorial flexibility allows us to treat more than 30 job situations with a common thread.
  • We are good at integrating professional issues with our clients’ expectations (silent partners, stakeholders and learners).
  • Our competence at interactive screenwriting allows us to create an attractive, exciting project without unwieldy media (video, 3D, etc.).
  • We have the educational expertise crucial to defining the conditions and methods for motivating through a Serious Game, classroom instruction and independent learning.

Paroles de client

I think it’s a very good example for the whole profession, because this Business Game really helps us raise our people’s awareness of the group’s CSR. Now that we’ve trained our own 2,000 employees, we hope the entire industry will adopt this tool to teach the FAFIH’s 85,000 members.

— Françoise Houdebine, VP Marketing & Commercial,

Concorde Hotels & Resorts