Capital Client

A multi-modal training system dedicated to the “Customer Relations” strategy and built around an educational web documentary.

The heart of the project

  • Plenty of preparation work and internal communication to involve all the company’s stakeholders
  • A blended system structured with a series of complementary blocks: in-class training enriched by a digital board game, distance learning and delayed evaluation
  • A 3-episode educational web documentary that puts the challenges of a major strategic change into perspective. It involved expression of views integrated with operational impacts and presented measures to be taken and behaviours that everyone should adopt.
  • An LMS platform compatible with market standards, customized and deployed in record time
  • An effective, relevant response recognized as the “Best Corporate Training System” at the 2013 ELearning Excellence Awards

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

A major force in health, savings and retirement since the 1960s, Réunica is a non-profit mutual life planning group. Its work revolves around planning, mutual health insurance, savings, supplementary pensions and social action. Its clients include both pensioners and corporate employees.

The growing complexity of health and retirement systems, changes in society and the economy mean that Réunica must constantly adapt to the needs and expectations of its clients — almost 2 million retired beneficiaries and more than a million policyholders.

To meet this challenge, since 2009 Réunica has strategically developed a customer-oriented corporate culture. Launched over five years, its success mainly depends on its departmental and management employees moving from the role of administrator to that of a counselor.

Réunica entrusted Knowledge-Players and Korda & Partners with the task of developing a demanding training program based on an educational plan that’s truly innovative and accurately responds to demands on the job. The goal of this system was to present the strategy to the employees and help them understand the challenges and benefits of the Capital Client program, while assuring that each of them:

  • Has a clear, precise vision of how the “social protection” environment is changing,
  • Can identify new client needs brought about by this change,
  • Is aware of the importance of Réunica’s strategic position and understands the challenges,
  • Buys into the business plan and understands his or her role in the quality of service provided to the customer.

Our response in detail

To meet this challenge, we worked with our associates Korda & Partners to design the system’s on-site portion and optimize the unity of the whole.

During this mission, we designed, created and deployed a multi-mode training system that includes:

  • Classroom training to mobilize managers and help them support the system’s deployment
  • On-site workshops run by managers and using a digital board game to introduce employees to the purpose of the training, answer their questions and launch the distance learning system in their department
  • An educational web documentary in three episodes to set the benchmarks, explain what is expected from each person, solidify a feeling of belonging at the company, strengthen their understanding of Réunica’s main offerings, and raise awareness of best practices to be adopted
  • A delayed evaluation method to measure buy-in to the instruction and company strategy among departmental employees

To give it all strong, dynamic visuals, we also:

  • Defined, created and implemented a visual universe specific to the project in keeping with Réunica’s graphic specifications
  • Created and deployed a powerful original teaser video to create buzz internally

Finally, we helped Réunica identify, adapt and deploy an LMS platform that was up to industry standards. This let us create a distance learning path for the group to propose to its employees and to publish all e-learning components of the “Capital Client” system, including web documentary episodes, quizzes, etc.

Why we’re right for this project

  • We could get all internal stakeholders at Réunica behind the success of this strategic project: the executive committee, managers, employees, external partners, etc.
  • Our experience in designing blended training, enriched by that of our associates at Korda & Partners allowed us to design a trailblazing system that was well-scripted and highly engaging.
  • Our love for innovation led us to modify the web documentary concept to integrate a strong educational dimension. Its realism was reinforced by involving Réunica participants in the videos.
  • We know how to deploy, so we effectively helped our client build enthusiasm for the system, optimize participation and maximize logins for online training.

Paroles de client

For a strategic training project, Knowledge-Players provided us with a multi-mode system mixing classroom training with e-learning. Their creativity was vital to improving and enriching the offerings of Réunica’s training department: We had never used an LMS platform or done e-learning on this scale. Now the system is up and running, and all the results have been positive.

— Philippe de Vaugiraud, HR Development and Training Manager

Réunica Group