A symphony with a New Score

An e-learning module to help all employees develop the process of marketing new products.

The heart of the project

  • An e-learning module to introduce new processes to everyone;
  • A visual universe and a narrative framework with a musical theme to best convey the "New Score";
  • An integrated solution for a complete training system.

### Expérience

The project's challenges

New uses, new modes of consumption: For Orange, the changes meant a "New Score" for defining how new products are marketed.

As part of a new global blended training project, Orange called on Korda & Partners and Knowledge-Players to create an e-learning module aimed at all its employees. It had to communicate clearly and concisely, and apply immediately to the strategic challenges — managerial and operational — involved in implementing this “New Score”.

Our response in brief

  • A colourful, metaphorical universe mapping out the various aspects of the New Score with great precision.
  • Use of the Training Quest solution that combines inductive learning, situation analysis and skills implementation.
  • A completely integrated solution — in both form and content — for a global training system.

Why we're right for this project

  • We can synthesize and prioritize information to make it comprehensible and easy to absorb.
  • Our graphic and narrative environment reinforces the emotional aspects of training and makes it more attractive.
  • We can integrate ourselves into a strategic framework and propose solutions that add real value to the overall program.