A symphony with 7 movements

A game with concrete dialogues that are varied and engaging — all built around client relationship situations that sales reps live every day.

The heart of the project

  • An interactive adventure, with no dead time, that spans the 4 major customer groups
  • More than 100 possible situations
  • A concrete approach that applies immediately to each of the 7 stages of customer relations.

### Expérience

The project’s challenges

For SNCF (the French railway company), maintaining and strengthening quality customer relations is pivotal to development. But how is an agent to approach the many types of situations encountered on the station platform or in the train? How to deal with the behaviour of customers in terms of their characteristics and expectations?

This is the goal of the virtual role play we created for SNCF’s Service University: Identify effective behaviours, implement best practices to ensure that customers are satisfied — whoever they are, and whatever the contact situation — with no risk of negative outcomes!

Our response in brief

  • Customer relations training in the form of real-life situations that engagingly join the key steps in customer relations
  • In-depth writing to define a universe, characters and a story close to real-life situations that agents experience daily
  • User-oriented graphic design and ergonomics: The simple interface and gameplay allows users to concentrate on the decisions and choices to be made.

Why we’re right for this project

  • Our graphic creativity allows us to use all aspects of fiction (coherent universes, substantial characters, plot twists) for the purpose of education.
  • Our Professional Hero solution can integrate the user into the situation presented — for greater depth, guidance, correction and mastery.
  • Production quality recognized by the Service University: audio design, visual identity and ergonomics all enhance the user experience.