The anatomy of a project

The anatomy of a project

At Knowledge-Players, while every project is unique, it still follows the same development process. This is about meeting the client’s expectations, because tried-and-true formulas provide the best results.

iconographie Imagine


Each project starts like this: A need is perceived, a vision is sketched, a creative process is ignited. The result is an innovative custom response with a coherent educational approach.

iconographie Write


Content is the very essence of our solutions. We know how to transform professional issues — even complex ones — into Stories. That’s what we promise, and what we deliver. Stated goals, key messages and storyboards are the foundation of this stage.

iconographie Compose


The transformation begins: The messages take shape and become texts, dialogues and instructional methods. At the same time, a four-dimensional universe is designed — ergonomics, graphics, interaction and motion.

iconographie Assemble


The material is there and so is the energy: Our Mechanics integrate them, assemble them and activate them. The combined elements form a coherent whole that conveys meaning and knowledge — a Knowledge-Players digital learning solution.

iconographie Play


Finally, it’s time to deploy, to win over the users, and to impart knowledge. Playing is learning — learning to question the routine, to enrich, to reinforce, to make every employee and every manager an agent for growth and better performance.