Who we are

Learning expands the world.

  • 3 commitments:
    the « 3 E's »
  • 1 reference shareholder
    : Korda  & Partners
  • 3 fields
    of activity: Communication, training, simulation

We Knowledge-Players provide appealing digital solutions for discovering, training and sharing — and we adjust them to your needs.

Knowledge-Players — a unique approach to computer learning / digital training / the next big thing / the cutting edge (cross out those that do not apply).

No noisy, out-of-the-box ideas on e-learning, social learning, game learning or cross-media social training. We prepare solutions that are simple, innovative, distinctive and effective!
With solid expertise in digital training, writing, audiovisual, interactive communication and philosophy (both sophisticated and homespun), we know how to be visionaries without being utopians, revolutionary without being bomb-throwers, attractive without being unapproachable. Our history, operation and perspectives on development are marked by the “3 E’s” — our three commitments: Entice, Enlighten, Enrich.
And to back our development and expand our horizons, we can rely on the dynamic support of our partner and shareholder Korda & Partners.

Experienced Players

  • 40 years of combined experience in interactive creation, and blended and digital training, in all their dimensions.
Pascal Faure

Pascal Faure

Managing director

Karim Belhocine

Karim Belhocine

Art director

Vincent Blin

Vincent Blin

Technical director

New Players

  • 10 competent colleagues who are motivated and committed to handling your projects according to the “3 E’s”.

project managers

artistic directors

technical director


graphic designer / illustrator



  • 3 solid partners who support us and help us expand our horizons.

Based in Paris and London, Korda & Partners is a management and training consulting firm that supports world-class corporations.


Intrigue, convey, surprise... Stimulate the emotions, captivate an audience! Cinema is our expertise.