Our solutions bring together the best of custom and off-the-shelf products: robust technology and reliability on the one hand, and diversity and quality on the other.
They are based on concepts validated by our clients and combine the best from video games, interactive writing and education.

iconographie Story Training

Story Training

The story of interactive education

Our Story Training solutions are based on a powerful idea — a living, illustrated, interactive narrative whose highlights lend a rhythm to educational progress. Focusing attention, strengthening involvement and easing memorization — a combination well suited to the challenges of discovery or prevention, or of supporting change.

iconographie Professional Hero

Professional Hero

The professional adventure game

With Professional Hero, e-learning merges with reality. Classic characters, realistic décors and snappy dialogues are all part of an inductive approach to exploring concrete professional situations at work. Our Professional Hero solutions are ideal for projects developing individual awareness and commitment.

iconographie Training Quest

Training Quest

A game for exploring skills

A character to play, a land to explore, and varied educational approaches: Our Training Quest solutions draw an authentic skills map. This approach is especially adapted to gaining technical knowledge and expertise, mastering sales pitches, and discovering management and HR techniques in realistic situations.

iconographie Training App

Training App

Training extended digitally

Because digital learning is more than just a standalone session at a workstation, our Training App solutions bring together a variety of educational formats and methods that allow active, reactive and collaborative learning. These multi-platform training solutions (on desktops, smartphones, tablets and more) are a perfect complement to face-to-face programs, combining utility with enjoyment — and breaking up the routine.